1 Rep Maxmaximum of weight that can be lifted for one rep of an exercise; often abbreviated as 1RM
Anabolicsynthesis of more complex substances from simpler substances
Atrophydecrease in muscular size
Catabolicbreakdown of complex substances into simpler substances
Circuit Traininggroup of exercises performed sequentially with minimal to no rest between exercises; typically one rotation through all of the exercises is one set
Compound Exerciseexercise that works two or more joints
Compound Settwo exercises performed sequentially usually stressing the same muscle group
Enduranceability to produce force over an extended period while resisting fatigue
Hypertrophyincrease in muscular size
Isolation Exerciseexercise that works a single joint
Powerapplication of maximal force in shortest amount of time
Repshort for repetition; one movement of an exercise through complete range of motion
Setgroup of consecutive reps before a specified rest period
Strengthability to overcome resistance
SupersetTwo exercises performed sequentially usually stressing opposing muscle groups
Volumecalculated by multiplying weight x sets x reps; measure of total weight lifted in a workout